DIYmarket is a social platform for tailoring and fashion enthusiasts. Registered users can create their profiles and add fashion projects. Every year a contest with prizes is held for the best designer. Users can also enjoy integrated messaging, project liking and favourite designers following. Currently, there are over 3000 registered users and 10000 added projects.

The project is built with Drupal 7 and I believe that was a perfect choice at that time, as it allowed me to build a lot of custom features with ease. Multistep project submission form was built with Webform along with an admin panel allowing project approval. Advanced user profiles were prepared with the use of the Profile2 module. Users can create their own project galleries and add info to their profile.

User profile view

The biggest challenge was definitely the best designer contest held yearly. The contest starts each year on a given date and lasts for 4 weeks. Every registered user can participate and vote once a day for other users. To accomplish that I’ve used the flag module and written a submodule for it with missing functionalities.

There’s also a Newsroom section in which there’s plenty of articles for tailoring enthusiasts. This bit also works as a content aggregator, meaning that some of the articles may actually come from different sources and there’s a link to them opening content in an iframe.


We’ve also come up with a map of registered designers showing the users locations. I’ve used the Leaflet module and a lot of Drupal Views magic to achieve this clustered map view.

Designers map