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Stompstore is an innovative Polish venture in the music e-commerce world. The store focuses on guitar effects which are a huge part of the music instruments world. Instead of offering just the most popular and best-selling devices like other big names in the market, this one carefully picks it’s products, often reaching to smaller manufacturers and even single enthusiasts. Along with the effects, it also offers guitar accessories and picks.

The main challenge in this project was to make these unique, often hand-crafted devices as prominent as possible. We decided to keep the store layout minimalistic and let the spot-on photography do the rest.

Main store page

The client is very active on social media, especially on Instagram, therefore we decided to put Instagram feed in the footer of every page, adding some dynamics and additional imagery to the mix.

Instagram feed in the footer

As the product numbers and variations are not planned to be any huge number, we decided to use Wordpress with WooCommerce as a platform. It allowed swift development and a room for further improvements.

Single product display

We also decided to give a go to the LiteSpeed Web Server, which claims to be 67 times faster than Apache. The results are quite pleasing. The initial page load increased by a tiny bit, but the biggest difference can be noted in subpages loading times. LiteSpeed rolls well with Wordpress and WooCommerce thanks to the dedicated plugin.